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IN an achievement comparable to the Cowboys’ 2015 grand final win, the Townsville community has secured the long-awaited commitments needed to make the new Townsville stadium a reality.

The project has all the support required to proceed no matter which party is able to form government.

Bipartisan and cross-jurisdictional support for a project of this scale is very rare.

All those in the community who fought for the stadium should be congratulated.

While the Coalition and Labor have promised $100 million for the stadium, the fine print of the Coalition’s Townsville promise contains an interesting additional commitment.

The Coalition has promised to make Townsville the pioneer city for a new system of investment co-ordination between the Federal, State and local governments.

The Coalition committed to strike the first ever City Deal with Townsville under their Smart Cities Plan.

A City Deal is a concept that has been successfully used in the United Kingdom to co-ordinate investment in priority infrastructure projects across all levels of government.

If the Labor Party is able to form government over the coming days, the Townsville community should push for a similar commitment from the new government.

City Deals aim to pull the funding of infrastructure above the political fray, ending long running disputes over

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